Your Wedding Checklist

9 to 12 months before…

_____  Think about the kind of wedding you would like ~ formal or informal, indoor or outdoors and your wedding theme.

_____  Create your budget ~ consider how much you have to spend, based on your families’ contributions and your own.

_____  Choose your wedding date ~ a meaningful date to you; also consider your wedding theme, weather, budget and holidays.

_____  Start a wedding binder or folder ~ this is where you can keep all of your inspirational pictures, contracts, ideas and notes.

_____  Select your wedding party ~ there is no right or wrong way to select your wedding party, but do consider availability, personality and responsibility.

_____  Start your guest list and collecting email and mailing addresses ~ slightly more than 20% of invited guests will not attend a destination wedding.

_____  Start researching venues and suppliers ~ keep their information in your folder or binder.

_____  Shop for your dress ~ keep in mind the weather and terrain if you are having an outdoor wedding. Keep in mind it can take up to 8 months to select, order, fittings and delivery.

_____  Decide if you will use a Wedding Planner ~ good planners are booked far in advance so start selection process early. Wedding planners will coordinate the details and ensure your wedding is flawless.

6 to 9 months before…

_____  Launch your wedding website ~ include all the basic information and remember to share your excitement; have fun with it!

_____  Create your gift registry ~ select several retailers.

_____  Send out ‘Save the Date’ announcements with your website address.

_____  Hire your photographer / videographer ~ if your wedding is during a popular wedding time book your photographer early.

_____  Choose your officiate ~ don’t forget to research marriage requirements and timelines.

_____  Reserve your date and your venues with deposits ~ will the ceremony and reception be at the same location or separate?

_____  Reserve a block of hotel rooms for guests ~ decide if you’ll stay at same location.

_____  Reserve your wedding night hotel room.

_____  Book your entertainment.

_____  Choose your caterer, menu and cake.

_____  Select your florist ~ florists can have several weddings on same day

4 to 6 months before…

_____  Order wedding invitations.

_____  Purchase wedding rings.

_____  Shop for grooms wedding attire.

_____  Select bridal parties dresses ~ make sure everyone orders their dresses on time.

_____  Finalize transportation ~ book your flights if needed and reserve wedding day transportation (consider limo’s, trolleys and mini-buses.)

_____  Buy your shoes, headpiece, jewelry and wedding accessories.

_____  Select your wedding activities ~ will you have a rehearsal dinner, group outings, welcome receptions or a day-after brunch?

_____  Start your wedding day timeline ~ this will be your schedule of events on your wedding day.

_____  Schedule your hair and makeup artists ~ schedule pre-appointments and take pictures to select your best look.

2 to 3 months before…

_____  Purchase your welcome bag gift items.

_____  Purchase your bridesmaids gifts.

_____  Purchase your fiance’s wedding gift.

_____  Confirm details with all your wedding suppliers.

_____  Mail your wedding invitations.

_____  Review playlist with the band or deejay.

_____  Plan your honeymoon.

_____  Keep up on your wedding website!

1 month before…

_____  Get your marriage license.

_____  Enter RSVPs into your guest-list database.

_____  Prepare welcome letter and assemble wedding gift bags.

_____  Have your final wedding dress fitting.

_____  Write your vows, if necessary.

_____  Send out as many final payments as possible.

2 weeks before…

_____  Review and reconfirm all details with suppliers

_____  Confirm your flight and hotel reservations

_____  Update your wedding website

_____  Create seating chart and place cards

1 week before…

_____  Start packing

_____  Pick up your wedding dress

_____  Delegate arrival and day-of tasks

_____  Send wedding day timeline to wedding party

_____  Send final guest count to appropriate suppliers

_____  Book a spa treatment and manicure & pedicure for day before wedding

When you arrive in Sedona…

_____  Do a walk through or rehearsal at your ceremony site

_____  Confirm details with your wedding officiant

_____  Have your dress steamed or pressed to remove wrinkles

Wedding Day…

_____  Relax and have fun!


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