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The music at the reception can bring people out to the dance floor and can bring back fond memories. It can be crazy or low key. It depends on your wishes. These are questions, provided courtesy of LifeServ.Com, you should always ask prospective DJ's or Bands. Arizona DJ Music & More is happy to answer these interview questions here and now.

Are you available on the date and time? Please click here and scroll down or call 928-300-7092.

Do you have any other obligations that day?  I will not do two receptions in one day. I want to give one couple my undivided attention for the length of their ceremony and reception and be available for them should they wish to go beyond the original time.

What is your fee?  In Sedona DJing is $199 per hour. Karaoke added for $129. Ceremony added for $199 with sound system providing music as guests are seated and during the ceremony and a mic for the minister. Since I am also a minister, to perform the ceremony is $345. Ceremonies for Phoenix & elsewhere: $299 music only or $399 music & minister. DJing is still only $199 per hour. Since I offer all these services myself, I can offer these low prices in various packages. 4-hour minimum for DJ services alone. Most receptions last 4-5 hours. If this is a larger wedding (more than 250 guests), you may request additional sound equipment and lighting at a reasonable price. New Year's Eve slightly higher.

What is your cancellation policy?  Full Refund of $150 Retainer if notice received in writing 90 days or more in advance of the event's date or may be applied to a future date.

Do you have a written contract?   Absolutely. Please Click Here to view it and print it out.

Can you play appropriate music during dinner? Absolutely. Your wish is my command.

What styles of music do you like?  I love melodious music, any music where musicians show and share their musicianship and musical knowledge in addition to their talent. I like any music I can sing to! :-) At home I play Jazz, Latin, Funk, and R & B. I have an eclectic musical taste which means a huge variety and expertise for you! I am also a music teacher in our local school district. Your special day will be dedicated to YOUR musical tastes.

Do you have the equipment you need, including microphones, speakers and amplifiers?  I have two sound systems and a back-up. I use Bose and Yamaha for my amps, mixers and speakers with enough wattage for indoors or outdoors. But volume is always the guests' and the venue's choice. And I have extra wattage and speakers for events of more than 250 people, too!

Do you specialize in weddings?  Yes, and I emcee and sing at many other types of events as well.  

How long have you been DJing? Since 1984. Started in Club Med in Europe. I have done an average of 50 weddings a year since 1986 and hundreds of corporate events and lounge gigs. That's a lot of experience!

Do you require a meal?  Usually, the photograper and DJ are offered a meal. It is not a requirement, so just let us know beforehand if it will not be provided. Our local caterers are excellent. You are in for a treat!

What do you charge for overtime?   $175 per hour over four hours.

Are you willing to dress formally?  Yes. I usually wear black slacks, white shirt and black jacket accessorizing with a musical scarf or tie, and black shoes. If you would rather have a different attire, just let me know.

Will you do a sound check before guests arrive?   Always.

What duties will you perform at the reception? I will make all announcements, play all appropriate music and will signal you when it may be time to have first dances, cut the cake, toasts, bouquet & garter tosses, and will encourage people to the dance floor. If you request it, I can teach the Macarena, Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Salsa and Cha Cha. You will supply us with an approximate timeline and musical desires list beforehand.

What is the usual itinerary for a reception? I have prepared three possible itineraries for you to choose from or you can create your own! Click here for the Itineraries page.

Can you do games at wedding receptions? We would have to meet/email/phone to discuss which games you would like and when. TV Theme Name That Tune is a fun one. We would discuss what party favors you would like to offer to winners. For ideas on favors, you may wish to visit
What kind of sound system do you have?   Yamaha 12 inch speakers, Yamaha powered mixer, Bose system for wedding ceremonies or smaller rooms, an Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer, Shure wireless mic's, and a Shure corded mic that I use in various combinations depending on the facility and size of crowd--but always way more than is necessary.

Can you provide a light show?   Yes. In various combinations, I have four colored par cans, a lazer widow, mini-strobe, glittermoon, rope lighting, avenger, two 4-light color banks and a disco ball with pin spot for that night club feel and they move in time to the music!  Ambient lighting is included in your DJ package when night falls at no extra charge!

How much do you talk at the reception? As much or as little as you want. I am discreet unless called upon to be otherwise.  

Can I watch you while you DJ at another reception?  I think a wedding reception is a private affair. I would have an important job at hand which I'm sure you wouldn't want interrupted on your special day. No two weddings are alike, so unless you were to request it, the things I play at yours will not be what you heard at someone else's wedding. If you visit my happy clients page, you can see what other brides and grooms have experienced, and you may contact them. I DJ and sing at other events that are public and you would be most welcomed there.

How many songs do you have in your library?  More than 75,000 and it grows every week. My Karaoke system has more than 50,000 of the best, most requested songs, in addition to recent #1's!

Can you help plan the reception? Yes, to an extent. I can help with ideas beforehand, which is included when you hire me to DJ. Please click here for some of those ideas right now. If you are asking me about coordinating vendors and locations, we would have to discuss that more at length and come to an agreement on specific services desired and fair pricing for a wedding coordinator which is generally 15%.

Are you open to playing my songs?   Definitely! It is your special day and you will have whatever you wish!

Who will take your place in the event of an illness? My contingency plan is my assistant who will have all your instructions and perform every task professionally to your specifications and mine. She often accompanies me and performs at parties on her own. If you hire me, I will be there. I would have to be in hospital before I would miss anyone's special day. But, your needs will be met even if that were to happen. I would even call on my competitors to be sure your day went ahead as we had planned. Your day will go smoothly musically no matter what with all instructions followed to a tee!

Do you have the instruments and equipment you need?  Just need a six-foot table and an electrical outlet. I have everything else I need and more. The venue usually supplies a six-foot table, or you would be sure to include one in an inventory of tables you may be renting, but I have a cover, so no need to pay for linens!

Will you charge extra for learning specific songs to sing at the ceremony or the reception? No. I have a huge repertoire of songs, so most people just have to pay me to be there, not to learn a specific song or two. You must supply the sheet music, original tune on CD, and possibly the Karaoke version if you want full orchestration in the backround. (You may not have to buy the original CD or karaoke version. I may already have it.) The sheet music must provide guitar chords since that is the instrument I solo with if you'd rather it be "unencumbered" with other instrumentation. I would like to have these things 30 days in advance at least. If Sentimental Journey, the 16-piece Big Band, is requested to learn a new song, there will be a charge and you will have to supply the sheet music well in advance. Call Kathy Shriver 928-300-0643 for bookings and for more information.

How many members are in the band?   I sing with a Big Band that has 16 members. If you would like the Big Band sound at your reception you would book through Kathy Shriver of Sentimental Journey Band at 928-300-0643. Each band charges a different price, so you'll need to call or email for specific information. For fewer musicians with a different sound, I am a booking agent for several talented local bands, trios, and duos, and have probably sung with them at one time or another in the 20 years I've lived here. So, any type of music you would like can be found here locally by extremely gifted musicians.

How many breaks do you take?  When I play with the Big Band, we take 15 minutes after each 45 minutes. Trumpet players & drummers need a little break! If I am on-hand at these events, I always play DJ music during the breaks and take requests. Usually, a band will play a CD of soft backround music during the breaks, and that is the time for toasting or cake cutting, etc. As a DJ, I only take short restroom breaks and am usually back before the next song starts. The music never stops!

Where can I hear how you sound? I have a webpage where you can listen to quite a few songs in different varieties. Click here to listen now or bookmark for later or just ask and I can provide a Demo CD with a few songs. The bands you would hire may also have websites with sound clips or you may wish to come to Sedona to hear them live. Please email or call for more information. There are a few video clips on my site, as well.My YouTube channel is song4me2. There are many videos there. :-)

Where can I go to choose the songs I want to have played? I have an online database of songs on CD that I bring. I add to my inventory every week, so if you don't see a song on the database, just ask. I probably already have it! It has a search and browse capability. Scroll to the link on the front page of my site. There are also links to "idea lists" of songs to choose from as well and the wedding categories they can apply to. You may also request any song in advance and I will be sure to have it at your party.

How will you know what songs I want when? Just open an account when you check availability. It will help you with every reception planning detail! You can modify your event 24/7!

Do you have references and insurance? Yes. Please click here to see what Brides & Grooms and others have to say about my services. My insurance is business and liability through Travelers.

Where have you performed locally? The following list is also a wedding location list for Sedona! Sedona Cultural Park, Casa Rincon, Best Western Inn, L'Auberge de Sedona, Los Abrigados Resort & Spa, Radisson Poco Diablo, Enchantment Resort, The Hilton Doubletree Resort, VOCA, Elks Lodges, Rainbow's End, Creekside Inn, Lomacasi, Sedona Golf Resort, Tlaquepaque, Apple Orchard Inn, A Sunset Chateau, Amara Resort, Redstone, Lodge At Sedona, Bell Rock Inn, Highway Cafe, Red Rock Crossing, Bell Rock, Red Rock State Park, Adult Community Center of Sedona, Little Americas (Flagstaff), Continental Country Club (Flagstaff), Hassayampa Country Club (Prescott), Hassayampa Inn (Prescott), local schools and at fundraisers, special events, and clubs all over Arizona! And I sing whenever I can with the Flagstaff Master Chorale. We usually perform at Northern Arizona University's Ardrey Auditorium. Handel's Messiah is the Monday night before Thanksgiving and is even a community sing-a-long. A phenomenal treat! I also do plays and musicals. Never a dull moment!

How much would you charge to perform the ceremony or sacred union as non-denominational minister? Yes, I can do that, too! In Sedona, I charge $299 for performing the ceremony, which includes creating a lovely ceremony and making sure your license is signed, sealed, and delivered. $345 if outside Sedona. If you would like extras like a bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom, or a photographer or videographer, let's discuss it! Everything is possible on your special day! Wedding Packages with music are available! My Minister & Music package in Sedona is only $345 when included with a wedding reception. Only $399 in Phoenix! You CAN save money on your wedding day AND have a magical, wonderful day! If you would just rather have music only for your ceremony, it is only $199 with a four-hour reception. A fuller description of packages may be found on the rates page. Rates slightly higher outside Sedona, but only to compensate for gas prices and two hours travel in each direction.


Your Wish Really Is My Command!


All of the following are VIP items on your venue check with regards to DJing:

1. Check the earliest time your DJ can arrive to set up.
2. Check the exact start and finish time for the DJs performance.
3. Check how long the DJ has to tear the equipment down at the end.
4. Check whether a sound limiter device is installed or if there is an outdoor sound ordinance.
5. If you want it check whether smoke or bubbles are permitted.
6. Check if the venue requires the DJ to produce liability insurance.
7. Check if the venue has a safe adequate dance floor.
8. Ensure the venue supplies at least a skirted 6ft table for DJ use.
9. Ensure the venue has an adequate and safe power supply for DJ use.
10. Inform the DJ of any obstructions. ( Stairs or difficult equipment install)
11. Ensure prominent positioning of your DJ.
12. Inform your DJ if there is a stage.
13. Inform the DJ of the name of the room and exact venue location.
14. Inform the DJ of an outside reception and provide adequate shelter.
15. Provide contact information for the venue manager or host.
16. Try to ensure reasonable parking exists or area for equipment load and unload.
17. Any information your DJ may need about your venue must be provided as soon as possible.
18. Consider taking a photograph or drawing an outline plan.
19. Collect and copy the brochure or provide the venue web site or phone number
20. If we do need to set up by a certain time please let us know what it is. :-)


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